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Inventory Made Easy


Increase profits by up to 15%

  • Cut your overheads and stocktake time by up to 60%
  • Reduce the discrepancy between stock and POS
  • Reduce the labor and admin resources required for stocktake
  • Train your staff, work more efficiently and reduce discrepancies by up to 75%
  • Write off any discrepancies off your tax with your 99.8% accurate reports


Cut up to 60% from your stocktake time

  • Simple to use
  • Eliminate guesswork
  • No more manual sheets
  • Doesn’t require skilled staff to use
  • Integrates with your POS system


Reduce discrepancies like overpouring by up to 75%

  • Reduce overpouring, free drinks & incorrect billing
  • Keep your staff accountable
  • Enjoy healthier profit margins

Extremely simple to use

The Massec stocktake experience is designed to be extremely intuitive and effortless. With its simple plug and play design Massec has transformed the stocktake process from a laborious, inaccurate and time-consuming method into one that is simple, effective and most of all accurate. Massec’s straight forward concept now means that any member of staff can complete an accurate stocktake with ease.

Integrates with popular point of sale systems

Integration is key for a seamless experience. The Massec system has key partnerships with the most renowned POS systems in the hospitality industry such as H&L, Triniteq, ImPOS, SwiftPOS, Oracle and many more. These integrations mean that your stocktake report can be uploaded to the POS system that you have in place with a single click. With Massec’s stock report you can immediately identify the discrepancies in your stock count and focus on coming up with solutions to increase your bottom line.

Easily find variance

When you integrate the stocktake data with your POS system you have the ability to publish an extremely clear and easy to understand report. Massec’s transparent variance report can be used for direct cost saving applications like tax deductions and indirect profitability exercises such as training your staff on overpouring and incorrectly entering items at sale, which leads to increased profitability.

High quality German engineering

Bars and clubs are tough environments where technology that is regularly used needs to be robust and of a high build quality. The Massec system is a German engineered product ensuring advanced quality, technology and reliability. The Massec system is designed to support your bar in its stocktaking and efficiency related efforts over the long term. Each Massec system comes with 24/7 support to ensure you never have to do a manual stocktake again!